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Progressive Residential Design

innovative | creative | progressive | comfortable | healthy | efficient| functional | well designed | durable | sustainable | Unique. every. time.

These qualities are the end goal of our design and construction process, regardless of project size or budget…..


Design Build

We have a preferred list of contractors who are on the “same page” as us with regards to quality. But…

Many of our projects lend themselves quite well to design AND construction. Construction requires control. Control of costs, control of decisions, control of labor, control of performance goals. We have seen projects not live up to their full potential due to the current prevalent model of building construction…which we liken somewhat to a brainless octopus. There is often the architect who has minimal impact on the decisions of the chosen contractor, only has minimal knowledge of actual construction technique and practice, and has no idea of cost implications of decisions made during the design process. The contractor may not always have the best interests of the client at heart, lacks knowledge about TRUE high performance building, and may be more focused on their own bottom line. We have seen contractors “greenwash” themselves, proclaiming to be at the “cutting edge,” “high performance, ” or “green” end of the builder spectrum-only to see these hackneyed terms nothing but self interested marketing efforts pointed at securing more work. A client should VERIFY that a builder has true in depth knowledge about building science. We have witnessed otherwise solid designs ruined by contractor made “cost savings” decisions that in a long term building life cycle analysis are anything but. WorkshopL has the requisite knowledge in building science, management, and design to deliver a well built and solid design-saving money in the process.





Workshop L progressive residential design

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