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Urban infill, Downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado



2013 Bronze Award given in the category of urban infill



The tiny house that feels large. Thanks to a thorough design process, and an even more thorough construction process, we made 650 sq feet of living space feel, much, much, larger. Located in Steamboat Springs, CO, and classified as a “secondary unit” by city zoning standards, this house also followed the Passive House Design methodology to vastly improved energy efficiency. The Residence features an attached garage, 1 1/2 baths, kitchen and dining area, 2 bedrooms, and laundry area. Thanks to the robust insulation package (R-100 roof,-55 walls, R-50 floor, R-10 windows), the house gets away with a diminutive gas fired fireplace for primary space heat. Planned as a rental, reliability of mechanical systems was paramount. An adaptation of the Passive House methodology seemed like a good fit, with its focus on a well conceived building enclosure and minimized mechanical systems. An electric water heater with no moving parts, and a simple heat recovery ventilator complete the package. Not much to go wrong-and the end result is peace of mind for the landlord, knowing tenants will never go cold even in the midst of a Steamboat Springs winter. The interior space was designed to minimize wasted space, with circulation kept to an absolute minimum. IKEA wardrobe units were employed to make the most use out of the space typically allotted for a closet. These units are remarkable in their capacity to maximize space in a carefully orchestrated manner. Thickened walls were used in key locations to add in wall storage for book and media. The design of a small space is a challenge we welcome!

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