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Buiding Science

WorkshopL takes building science very seriously. We meticulously optimize and design our building assemblies to be at the cutting edge of building performance without experimentation. We mix time tested principles with precise computer modeling to derive building assemblies that provide optimum performance in a given situation and climate. We are scientists as well as designers. Our knowledge in the building science field has become a valuable asset not only to our clients, but we have been mobilized on more than one occasion to provide input to projects designed by other architects!

PH certification mark_ workshopL certified passice house consultant
Believers in the Passive House design methodology

“A Passive House is a very well-insulated, virtually air-tight building that is primarily heated by passive solar gain and by internal gains from people, electrical equipment, etc. Energy losses are minimized. Any remaining heat demand is provided by an extremely small source. Avoidance of heat gain through shading and window orientation also helps to limit any cooling load, which is similarly minimized. An energy recovery ventilator provides a constant, balanced fresh air supply. The result is an impressive system that not only saves up to 90% of space heating costs, but also provides a uniquely terrific indoor air quality. ” -PHIUS

CPHC: Certified Passive House Consultant

WorkshopL provides full service residential design incorporating the Passive House Design Protocol. This is THE most efficient means for a client to reach both aesthetic, comfort, and energy efficiency goals. A symbiosis must exist between aesthetics and performance, and workshopL is uniquely situated to coordinate the many variables of the design process.


We can take projects through the LEED certification process. LEED is an abbreviation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED has generally been more accepted in the commercial building realm, however, we have found that the basic premises of LEED can be applied to the residential sector. Often there is significant overlap of LEED concepts with general principles of good design.

Workshop L progressive residential design

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