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WorkshopL is a full service residential design firm focusing on combining cutting edge energy efficient design with soft modern design sensibilities.

Erik Lobeck

Erik  is a Certified Passive House Consultant and principal of WorkshopL, Limited, a design firm specializing in modern, energy efficient design. A native of Germany, he has been in the United States since 1989 and has called Colorado home since 1997. He holds a graduate degree in Architecture and Construction Management from the University of Washington, an undergraduate degree in design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and has apprenticed as a Furniture Maker, Timber Framer and welder. When not engaged with the built environment or family, he is likely to be off the grid bikepacking.

Design Philosophy

We desire simple and familiar forms, well executed, meticulously detailed, and enclosing a modern floor plan. Simple forms lend themselves to cost effective construction, increased energy efficiency, improved reliability, and, we would argue, greater levels of sophistication.

A simple form need not be simplistic. Quite the opposite- it is the responsibility of the designer to develop sophisticated visual interest within the confines of a rigorously simple canvas.

To further describe our philosophy, we borrow a term from the automobile set; we draw an analogy for our design ethic to the “restomod.” In car culture, this term describes a vehicle from a bygone era with a familiar shape, and then modified to modern sensibilities, levels of performance, and comfort. We see our design work with buildings the same way, only in the architecture trade it is termed “soft modernism”. We employ the familiar building form, update it to reflect the fact that we live in the era of the iPod, and apply a thorough design process to achieve occupant comfort with maximum efficiency. Rather than horsepower and minimal 0-60 times, our performance metric is minimized BTU/hr/sqft energy consumption and appropriate surface temperature values relative to the human body. Another thing we do share with our hot rod counterparts: the desire to be cool and leave people impressed.

The end result “fits” into the surroundings and local vernacular style, is comfortable and efficient, becomes a welcome addition to the existing stock, and in a subtle manner- lets both occupant and observer know it was designed and crafted carefully to reflect the spirit of the time in which it was built.

Our Advantage

Simply put, we are experts in our field. We offer years of experience involved with all facets of the architectural design and construction industry. Adding to the mix is the unparallelled building science knowledge requisite of Certified Passive House Consultants, A Masters Degree in Architecture and Construction Management, LEED Certification, a 6 year apprenticeship as a furniture maker and timber framer, welding certification, and….. …much, much more. All of this puts us into a unique position to design a better end product for our clients. Designing buildings employing cutting edge energy efficiency technology is both opportunity and responsibility. We are uniquely equipped to handle the challenges inherent in the process so clients need do nothing but experience the benefits.

Workshop L progressive residential design

Office: 737 Lincoln Ave

Steamboat Springs Colorado 80487

Mail: 2771 Ridge Rd

Steamboat Springs Colorado 80487